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Casual shirts – everyday elegance
Casual shirts – everyday elegance

Casual shirts – everyday elegance

The shirt is one of the most elements of male fashion, it says much about the man who wears it. Elegance changes its faces with time, so one should follow current trends. Lack of tailoring, sleeves that are too long? Choosing the right shirt may be a tall order so we want to give you a couple of hints about the rules of the world of fashion.

A casual shirt may be left out, but a formal shirt should be tucked in. Not every shirt, however, will look well  then. One should choose shorter shirts, reaching below the waist, so that the proportions of the figure are not distorted. No matter what the occasion of wearing a shirt, there are some rules which need to be obeyed:

First of all, the fabric. It says what the quality of a shirt is. It should be kept in mind that it should be worn directly on the naked body, in any case the undervest should go unnoticed. In order to avoid unaesthetic sweat stains, only shirts made of best-quality fabrics should be chosen, such as cotton or cotton with synthetic fibers, but it should contain a minimum of 60% of cotton.

How to choose the right cut of a shirt? There are many types of male figure types, but shirts need to fit perfectly. You should not forget about two sizes: the size of the collar and the size of the shirt itself. The collar should adhere so that it leaves enough space for just one finger.  The size of the shirt in turn depends on the height and when choosing the right size, one should take into consideration the overall proportions. It is recommended to use the table of sizes in order to choose the ideal shirt.

A mistake that is often made by very slim men is choosing loose shirts for the illusion of having a few kilos more. Of course, in such a way the final result is the very opposite. A shirt should not hug the stomach area so that the skin does not show. In case you gain some weight, you should choose a different shirt size.

There are two type of cuts: classic (regular) and tailored (slim). The former is an ideal solution for men with broad shoulders and a well-built torso. The latter is narrower in the waist area and clings to the body. It is recommended for slim men with the aim to model their figure.

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Polo shirt – Sport Elegance
Polo shirt – Sport Elegance

Polo shirt – Sport Elegance

Designed by the French tennis player René Lacoste, the polo short revolutionized the world of fashion. Nowadays, it is not only an element of some sport disciplines, but it also entered the canon of everyday fashion, as an alternative to a long-sleeved shirt.

A polo shirt is not an element of formal attire, but is accompanies jeans, chinos or linen trousers well. In the summer, a polo shirt looks great with shorts. It fits anybody, regardless of figure type. Together with a jacket, it creates a fine smart casual look, while accompanied by a sweater it gives you a classic chic.

How to wear a polo shirt? You can tuck it in or leave it out, but it depends also on other elements of your outfit. In formal situations, when we want to create an elegant set with a jacket, we should tuck it in, but it may be left out with summer trousers on casual occasions. You should keep in mind to choose well-fitted shirts made of best-quality material such as piqué, double-woven cotton fabric.

We tend to choose polo shirts with two buttons, and, although three buttons wouldn’t be considered a fashion faux-pas, four buttons aren’t the way to go. 


The right color of the polo shirt will depend on other elements of the outfit. Of course, the most popular color is classic white which goes well with every outfit. Black, maroon, shades of blue and gray are other suggestions of classic colors which are available in our shop as well as online. What else should be considered when buying a polo shirt? Men tend to be drivenby brands and cuts.  Ralph Lauren and Lacoste are not the only possibilities available. It is worthwhile to take a look at other brands which are best-quality and fit well.

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